Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Technicolour Day


The holidays are just about done (woo hoo!). I'm off tomorrow although school is back & half my friends are working. Weird. It's a cleaning and organizing day for me.

Today was my last official non-tracking day. I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at Stagewest. It was a brunch buffet before the show. It was REALLY good (the play - the only part of the brunch I really likes was the dessert table).

Later this afternoon I went and did a huge (by my standards) grocery shop. I bought all good stuff and should be set for a few weeks (with a few produce trips. I'm actually excited to start cooking/prepping food again.

I chose to calorie track on Livestrong as opposed to joining WW just yet. I put my weight and activity level in and it tells me to eat 1500 calories per day (and eat back calories burnt through exercise).

Tonight my plans are to find a movie on demand and get to be early. Much to do tomorrow...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

It wouldn't be January 1 without them. As silly as it is, the "fresh start" means something. Psychology is fascinating. I feel ready to succeed.

Here they are (including my attempts to be specific so I can measure success)

1) Journal. I suck at blogging but know that when I document my day things go well

2) Lose 80 pounds. Shockingly, I'm 280 now. I can't fathom that. My plan of action will be detailed in a future post.

3) Save $5000 into an emergency fund (while maintaining my regular RSP contributions).

4) Eat out due to poor planning no more than once a week. Eating out with friends is fine. No more drive thrus on my way home from work because I'm starving.

5) Watch less TV - cancel service from June -September. Cancel movie channels now.

6) Work no more than 55 hours a week. Still a lot, but working my 60-70 hours a week now isn't healthy & my work is probably suffering from me being over tired and crabby.